Power Systems
If you are into Banking, ICT, Oil & Gas, Broadcasting, Healthcare, Manufacturing or any business where power back-up is a must for your sensitive equipments, then you should be talking to us!

The ever-erratic nature of public power supply in Nigeria and most of the sub-Saharan African countries is bad news for your sensitive equipment.

At Crystal Network we understand the sensitivity of your equipments to the hydra-headed monster called Power Outages, Spikes and Surges which can not only permanently damage your costly equipments but also make you loose vital data which may be critical to the soul of your organisation. Apart from creating headaches, this sort of damage also affects productivity and efficiency.

This is why we have recently expanded our portfolio to include digital power technology. Consequently, we have repositioned our organisation in order to cater for this critical aspect of your business.

By aligning with GE - one of the largest digital energy providers in the world - as a Consumer and Industrial Business Partner, we have definitely increased our capacity of meeting the power needs of our clients.
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