Information Technology
In this information age, companies can hardly survive without a solid information technology (IT) backbone!

The way information is processed, disseminated and managed in a corporate environment can greatly affect the performance of a firm and no serious organization with the intention of making anything out of this very competitive global environment can afford to let their IT infrastructure be mediocrely treated.

At Crystal Network, we perfectly understand the critical role a solid IT infrastructure can play in enhancing the profitability and productivity of your company. As such, the company is well positioned to provide the kind of value added services that you can rarely find elsewhere.

Our value added I.T solutions include:

1. Total Network Solutions (LAN, WAN, VPN, MAN, etc)

2. Installation and Configuration of enterprise voice and data solutions

3. PBXs, PABXs and Paging Systems

4. IT Certification Training

5. Closed Circuit Monitoring, Security Surveillance and Access Control Systems

6. Supply, Maintenance and Repairs of Computer Systems

7. Wireless Local Loop, E1 and T1 Trunking Service

8. Data Centre Design, Preparation and Installation

9. Fibre-Optic Network Cabling, Installation and Certification

10. VSAT Installation, Configuration and Maintenance
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