Organizational Structure
In Crystal Network, our business success depends on our team members being pro-active and dependable and as such our organization has been structured to maximize the potentials of our employees while also helping them to develop their career and chart their individual growth path. Our employees undergo constant training and refresher courses so as to develop and prepare them for the challenges and requirements of the job.

Our operations are structured as follows:
Crystal Network Direct
Responsible for sales and procurement of all our range of products and offer product advisory services through its specialized brand officers and product development managers.
Crystal Network Projects
Responsible for the design, implementation and timely delivery of all clients' projects and ensure QoS conformance. Crystal Network Projects also provide consultancy services for our customers and clients.
Crystal Network Support Services
Responsible for providing suport for all fully completed and delivered projects and advise clients on possible upgrades as may be required. Crystal Network Suport Services also provides end user support services for all products listed in our sales inventory, repair/replace faulty equipment and resolve all warranty/OEM related issues. Our support help desk is automated employing the use of our own in-house developed Automated Help Desk Software solution.
Crystal Network Training
Responsible for all Project documentation, and packaging of training for all delivered projects in line with end user or customer requirements. Crystal Network Training also provides outsourced training services, technology training and certification.
Crystal Network Finance
Responsible for corporate investments and also source for, provide funding and financial advisory services to all the groups as may be required from time to time. Crystal Network Finance is responsible for all billing issues.
Visionary leadership provided by top management which of course trickles down to even the most junior members of staff has ensured six + plus years of steady growth and profitability in a volatile market.

The executive management team is supported by a crop of carefully selected, comprehensively trained and highly motivated young professionals who offer the most dynamic, innovative and responsive solutions to the ICPT needs of our clients.

Through sheer hard work combined with creativity and talent, the Management team and entire members of staff has ensured that Crystal Network continues to grow from strength to strength.

The Executive management team provides the motivation that drives the engine of growth at Crystal Network Limited and the team is headed by Engr. Bola Ogunnaike.

Our organizational chart is illustrated below.
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